Our colleagues in action for a better world – UM impact day

This year, our colleagues employed in UM agencies in the region took part in the celebration of UM Impact Day with the aim of making life in local communities better with their activities. UM agencies around the world dedicated this day to a common goal, so the employees of the Belgrade UM had a workshop where they made houses for sparrows and other endangered birds. See how UM agencies in the region spent the Impact day.

UM Beograd (Cenej, educational workshop and painting houses for sparrows and endangered birds)

UM Sarajevo was part of the campaign to arrange a corner on the small Bambi farm, which the youngest people like to visit and hang out with the animals. They spent the day socializing and painting the corner, making a small contribution to the more cheerful and playful look of this beautiful space, which we are sure will be enjoyed by many little ones.

UM Sarajevo (Bambi farm, arranging a corner for little ones)

Colleagues from UM Skopje visited the Janevski Api Chamber where they had a lecture on the importance of bees, their protection and the benefits of their products. In the end, they visited the apiary and underwent inhalation with API therapy and learned how natural products from bees can improve health.

UM Skopje (Janevski Api Chamber education on the protection and importance of bees)

UM Zagreb donated a laptop to the school for children with special needs “Milan Amruš”. They spent the rest of the day volunteering at the animal shelter in Dumovac, bathing and feeding the dogs while playing with them. Also, members of the UM team who are able to donate blood to help those in need and raise awareness about the importance of donating blood.

UM Zagreb (Dumovec Asylum, bathing, playing and feeding animals)