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  • Our colleagues in action for a better world – UM impact day

    This year, our colleagues employed in UM agencies in the region took part in the celebration of UM Impact Day with the aim of making life in local communities better with their activities. UM agencies around the world dedicated this day to a common goal, so the employees of the Belgrade UM had a

  • Dimitrije sajt

    Meet Dimitrije Krnjajski, Regional Strategic Director of UM SEE

    Within this year’s Forum Izazov, Dimitrije Krnjajski was one of the participants in the panel “We are all media”, which dealt with topics such as: declining trust in information placed by brands in new and traditional media, who is responsible for advertising unethical brands, which is the responsibility of brands when it comes to

  • MAGNA - Mediabrands


    The global advertising market is breaking new records and surpassing the pre-COVID period According to the latest MAGNA report, Mediabrands, a global source of data on media markets, we are facing a growth of the global advertising market, which in some regions will surpass investments before the Covid-19 virus pandemic. GLOBAL ADVERTISING MARKET INCREASES + 22% The

  • MAGNA - Mediabrands


    GLOBAL AD MARKET: +14% TO $657 BILLION As the economy recovers faster than expected globally (GDP +6%) and in most markets, so do marketing activity and advertising spending. With the added driver of rescheduled international sports events, MAGNA forecasts global all-media advertising spending to grow by $78bn (+14%) to $657bn in 2021, a new all-time

  • B-report_regional results

    “Thank you, doctors” the most awarded campaign in the region

    According to the annual b-report of the Slovenian Marketing Magazine, which ranks the most important works from the region awarded at national, regional, European, and world advertising festivals, the campaign “Thank you, doctors“, realized in cooperation with McCann Beograd, the media partners, and the magazine Nedeljnik, is the most awarded campaign in the region. At

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    Grand Sempler and two Golden Semplers for UM Beograd at the SEMPL festival

    At the 21st Sempler award ceremony, with the highest score in the competition of 80 entries, the UM Beograd media agency’s “I (Dis)Own My Child” campaign won the Grand Sempler for the best media campaign of the year. In addition to this most significant award, the jury awarded a Golden Sempler to “I (Dis)Own

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    Awards for “I DisOwn my Child” at KAKTUS festival

    The “I DisOwn my Child” campaign was awarded in the Print and Cross media integrated campaign categories. “It is an honor and a pleasure to work on a project like this, where through a ” neglected ” media such as print, which had a strong impact on all other channels and media thanks to, above

  • 2-1024x768

    The Best of Genius Loci and three Silver Drums for McCann Beograd

    „I (Dis)Own my Child“ campaign, realized by McCann Beograd in cooperation with UM Beograd agency, won The Best of Genius Loci (Local Spirit), and three Silver Drums at the Golden Drum Festival. The Best of Genius Loci awards the campaign with the most characteristic local spirit which highlights and celebrates different cultures. Three Silver

  • Dubravka Urošević coordinator of Media module at Academiaa 2019

    The new season of the IAA educational program AcademIAA 2019, which has been led by leaders in marketing and business for four years in a row, will begin soon. The program includes six equally represented modules: Research, Business, Innovation, Creatives, Digital and Media, and Dubravka Urošević, Regional Account Director from UM Beograd, is the

  • jovana petrovic

    Jovana Petrović Head of Digital at UM Beograd

    For more than 10 years, Jovana has been part of UM Beograd agency and contributed immensely to achieving great agency success. The experience she has gained will be remarkable and useful in taking on a new role – Head of Regional Connection Planning and Digital, where she will be tasked with helping all the